Aggregate market depth

Aggregate market depth of multiple exchanges, to provide higher quote frequency.

Achieve best asking/biding prices with lowest spread with Best Bid and Offer algorithm

Automatically filter out wrong prices and limit quote frequency.

Provide quote aggregation with or without commission

Smart Order Routing

Real time hedging and net position hedging

Based on various risk management requirements, exchanges can choose real time hedging or net position hedging for each order.

Auto-trade at the optimal price

bthub sends orders simultaneously to multiple exchanges and execute at the most optimal price within the shortest period.

Flexible combination of hedging counterparties

Exchanges can customise the combination of hedging counterparties and crypto pairs.

Statistical analysis on hedging results

Provide detailed statistical reports to analyze the success rate of order hedging, slippage, transaction processing time, transaction cost and other data

Quote hedge setting

Quote setting

Free to set each crypto pair’s commission, quote scale, quotation frequency, market depth, quote subcription, etc.

Hedging setting

Free to set maximum and minimum contract volume. Support hedging after adding commission costs.

Global private network

bthub deploys the liquidity aggregation engine to upstream exchanges through leased line to reduce the latency in order delivery and get the fastest order execution speed.

Liquidity Aggregation Engine

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