Liquidity Aggregation Engine

By aggregating liquidity of 20+ mainstream crypto pairs from top global exchanges,
bthub creates the biggest global liquidity pool for cryptocurrency.

Aggregate market depth

bthub aggregates the market depth of multiple exchanges and rearrange prices according to the Best Bid and Offer algorithm. The aggregated market depth helps to obtain higher quote frequency, lower trading spreads, better asking and bidding prices. bthub provides aggregated pricing, with or without commission.

Smart Order Routing

bthub supports the delivery of hedging orders to multiple exchanges. bthub automatically matches the best price to deal, and orders processed through the smart order routing system can achieve better execution prices and faster transaction speed, thereby significantly reducing hedging costs and improving order processing efficiency.

Quote hedge setting

bthub provides the flexibility to set up spreads and commissions on top of aggregated quotes in order to control costs and maximise profits. bthub supports hedging after adding commission costs.

Global private network

bthub deploys the liquidity aggregation engine to upstream exchanges through leased line to reduce the latency in order delivery and get the fastest order execution speed.

Professionally designed to improve liquidity for small and medium exchanges

With the help of bthub liquidity aggregation engine, even a new exchange can immediately achieve the market depth comparable to global top ones with lower trading spreads. Thus, bthub can help them to compete with the top exchanges in terms of liquidity.

Best market depth

Optimal trade price

Fastest transaction speed

Best order execution

Liquidity Aggregation Engine

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